April 02, 2011

Luck by chance

Anushka's annual school report was very reassuring. She also got a book from the founder and a lovely note as well. She ran back to them as we were leaving to say that she would visit them when she had holidays from her next school! I think I saw one of her teachers in tears. Anushka's best pal T is off to Valley and Anush will be in another school. So T's folks have put her into the same summer camp so that the girls will get some time together this summer. On a whim, Navy and I went for a dinner (without the kids after many- many months), once they had slept off. It was a great feeling and the food did not matter but it turned out to be good as well at Tandoor. I understand that we have been fortunate indeed. Am off to C'mani for the weekend. Happy Ugadi folks.


Ananya S P said...

Tandoor is an excellent restaurant! You should try Ebony on MG Road too. Nothing beats 3/4 Chinese as well as the Queens right opp 3/4 Chinese!

Ri's Mom said...

Nice to come across a well
put-together mommy blog. Looking forward to reading your posts.