April 26, 2011

Aditi at 19 months

Wow! Time flies. My Little one is growing fast.

She is really tall( taller than Anush at this age)

She talks a lot for her age ( even as per her doc )

She is still VERY naughty and equally lovable and loving


Gayatri said...

- And she's the most adorable milkmaid in the whole world :D
- God bless :)

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

She looks adorable..love her curls too.

Deepthi said...

I have a daughter who is born on 20th Sept, 2009. I think she is elder to Aditi by 5 days :). Its good to see them grow and seriously how fast they grow.

Shankari said...

Love the curls and her impish smile :) God bless!

Navy is defn going to have to buy that gun, what with two little and one big beauty to protect ( if he has not purchased one already! )

R's Mom said...

Wow she looks really cute...I loved her curls :)

Unknown said...

happy 19th Aditi :)
Sorry been away from blogging.. have dropped Lil p at my mom's n am relatively free till end of May :)
Why don't you plan a trip to my side of town? I'll plan something soon :)