March 31, 2011

Aditi at 18 months

We are halfway to Aditi's second birthday. Wow. 18 things about her for her ref:

  1. Aditi is now fairly adept with the spoon and insists on feeding herself. She can be messy with liquids but that I think is okay.

  2. I am glad she is largely self reliant even when it comes to sleeping, she likes to rest on a pillow and doze off.

  3. She is able to repeat a lot of words ( says peas for all veggies, aunteeeee, cleep, etc ), has 7 teeth and few more coming up.

  4. She can run, swing, slide with a fair amount of ease.

  5. She is keen to get into the pool with her sister.

  6. She is still not interested in TV or toys except balls and a sword.

  7. She has had her first beach visit, boat ride and bus journey this month.

  8. She likes to open and shut lids/ boxes and brushing her teeth

  9. She calls herself pretty / "pitty" when she wears a new dress/ jewellery.

  10. She likes wearing 'pottu', chains, shoes. She asks for clips but prefers to chew them.

  11. She loves to mop the floor/ dusting stuff and then uses the same rag on her face though.

  12. She plays well with the kids in the building and continues to adore her thaathu.

  13. She heads for the kitchen saying " PAATI- dhudhooooo" in the morning once she wakes up

  14. She is very particular that she has to be the one handing the milk packs to be put into the fridge

  15. She keeps back things in place when told to.

  16. She still runs occasionally to what we call the " kopam corner" - an assigned corner in every room in the house for her to vent herself and bawl !!

  17. She hardly uses her pram and her play pen has been dismantled

  18. She is still in diapers but lets us know whenever she uses it.

Potty training. The next Frontier. Here we come. I hope Aditi will manage this transition easily as well.


R's Mom said...

Wow..happy 18th Aditi :) She sleeps on her own! Awesome...big kala tikka to that and to everything else :)

Gayatri said...

- She is such a cutie pie :)
- God Bless :D

Kavs said...

aww!! so cute... Kopam-corner - what an idea!

Mama - Mia said...

sounds totally adorable! cant wait for Bub to grow up when i read this! ;)