February 11, 2011

Walk on Baby!

Even when I was a first time mother, I was never worried about milestones etc.

However with Aditi I was getting a bit concerned about her not walking even past her first birthday.

And then last week she started walking hesitantly, grasping a finger here and a sofas there and so on. Within a week, she began walking comfortably without any props.

It is delightful to watch . It was my turn to use her word and go :" Wooooowwww!"

Stand Tall baby! Here is to more exploration and adventure !! ( and chores too.....)


R's Mom said...

Super Super...Super..:) way to aditi :)

Sri said...

Congrats Aditi!:)

Even i was worried when my daughter didnt start walking by her 1st birthday in October..she started walking during Christmas and now it is more difficult to manage her!

Bubble Catcher said...

Great going Aditi! :)

DC said...

excellent. and here i was worrying why baby S is not sprouting teeth yet... and today i could feel something sharp on her lower gum... :-)

Unknown said...

ohhh! We moms with our milestones!! :)
Hi aditi :) happy walking baby.. muah.

Anonymous said...


great NEWS

warm wishes


Gayatri said...

- Thumbs up :)
- God Bless :D