February 24, 2011

Good or Bad?

Aditi is entertaining.
Ask her "Are you a bad girl?"
She promptly says "NO. NO ."

Ask her "Are you a good girl?"
She thinks a while and say "...mmmm. hm."
I have to agree!!

Anush is anxious that Aditi will get spanked by her teachers( however sweet they may be to Anush) since she is so naughty. She suggests that we send Aditi to school only after she is three and less naughty!

Cleaned up Anush and Aditi's wardrobes and found a box of Aditi's clothes for passing on and one more of Anush's for handing down to Aditi a few years from now! I really must control my urge to shop for clothes for them.


Uma said...

Isn't it nice to have an older sister - I always longed for such treats as a kid but then I am the oldest ...

..and LOL at Anush's concern about Aditi :D

Simran said...

Cleaning closets!! I wish I could get to mine sometime soon.... I have been so lazy .. and been blaming it on the weather :(