January 24, 2011

To Mumbai and back

Was on a whirlwind trip ( well I seem to do not other kind) to Mumbai.

It was a farewell for a colleague and friend who is moving continents.

I was moved by the poverty I saw,
I was nostalgic about the places I went to,
I was excited by the pulsating life and pau bhaji ( yes!!),
I was shocked out of my tiredness at Blue Frog( it was Metal night) ,
I was indulged by my friends at midnight ( took the sea link finally)

Again it felt odd to stay in a hotel when this was/is home!! I have loved every town and city I have lived in, but Mumbai will always be special.


sandhya said...

Oh, you've been home! *turns a distinct shade of green* The pav bhaji!

artnavy said...

it is indeed still home after so many years outside