January 03, 2011

Ring in the New with the Old!

We rang in the New Year with family and friends and attended a lovely terrace party in the Bangalore chill.

Then we went to Lepakshi to herald the new year and were completely wowed by the stories in stone.

A gigantic Nandi,  a floating pillar, a magnificent Ligan with a seven headed naag, the three legged dance teacher of the apsaras, the story of Sri Kala Hasti, roof murals, Sita's foot print( the size of her big toe was my foot size), a large 'Bombay Thali' in stone, a cow in three poses- absolutely educative and enchanting

On to Chintamani for a day and back in Bangalore. Time well spent with both sets of grandparents.

Do catch my first review of 2011 at ST. It was a book that really moved me. And do leave your comments on an earlier post on the pop up 10. Thought that you may have missed it in the Holiday season.

And yes there is an avaraikai fest at Sajjan Rao circle- one of a kind event. The akki roti from there was awesome.


Sandhya said...

Wish you a very happy 2011! Both kids look adorable in the header pic.

Sands said...

Happy New Year Art :)

Patricia Torres said...

Hope you have a rocking year ahead..

I like that place with the lovely stone sculptures!!

artnavy said...

Thanks all and wish you all a great yr!

avijit said...

thank you with all wish for article and photos