December 13, 2010

The weekend flu by

All at home down with flu.

Still managed a quick trip to Kala Madhyam on Sunday. After so many Dastkar and Dilli haat kind of melas, I felt it was the usual suspects. But my prized purchase was a long desired mural ( Kerala style). Also got to see a bit of the Leather puppet show. Could not manage the Sattva fair- guess it must have been interesting.

Last Friday, in between client calls, in Chennai, I also went to the new public library - supposedly the largest of its kind in Asia. Absolutely awe inspiring. Not yet ready but they have good staff and great plans. The Braille section was amazing. The kids section is largely dominated by Oxford University Press but it is still a work in progress. The reading area is very cheerful and well lit.


Anonymous said...

Hi Art

Sorry to read that you are down with the flu. Do get well soon.

Nice pics.

with days of cheers, giggles and laughter ahead.

Warm regards


Choxbox said...

get well soon you guys.

VJ said...

Get well soon Art !!

Kerala mural is on my list too..
couldnt shop for it this time.. maybe next time !

Simran said...

Get well soon!!!
I cudn't make it to Kalamadhyam but SS was fun! And yes it was far away for most of the ppl except the whitefield-ians.

Anonymous said...

Hi Art,

Lovely Header picture of Anush. The previous one of Aditi was also very cute. I shall call u guys over the weekend. Sorry to hear that all of you are down with the flu. "Healthy wishes" for a speedy recovery:-)


Uma said...

Hope you are better.. Kerala mural has been on my list as well... do post a pic of it...
love the 'sunny' pic

VJ said...

hope all is well Art.. havent updated your page for last 3days !!

artnavy said...

we are all on the recovery path now....thanks all

just back from a conference in Kodai

more in the next post