December 07, 2010

Events galore!

Missed the Christmas Bazaar at a St Mark's church .

But there is Kalamadhyam, Studio Sattva, both on and to be done!!


Simran said...

Ooh! You must come to Studio Sattva. I will be there at The Red River stall, would love to meet you :)
Christmas Bazaar at St Mark's was fun - just a li'l cramped for space though.

VJ said...

Wish I had your energy levels !!

AA_Mom said...

Nice header pic

Gayatri said...

- Hum kho art ki shakthi dena :b
- Yeah VJ I wonder how she does it :)

Choxbox said...

Joining VJ and Gayatri - aap ki energy ka raaz?!

Sandhya said...

Me too joining the others! I am awed at your energy and enthusiasm! A big Kala Tikka!

artnavy said...

simran- oh u went!! will positively try to come to SS but it is a bit far i realise

thanks all

u r THE time out blore!!