September 08, 2010

God's looks

Anush wanted to go to church for Mother Mary's feast ( for which her school has given off). Since it is a work day for me, I took her to a school chapel nearby.

She noted that Mary looked different in the picture as against the idol/statue.
" We cannot see God right? So we don't really know how he/ she looks..."

I then had a pretty nice discussion with her on how God was one and so on.


Shankari said...

Going to the chapel used to always calm me :)

Love the bright cushions, especially the blue!

Patricia Torres said...

ha ha.. I know how difficult those discussions are.. I have those very often.. specially when kids hear things from friends..

mnamma said...

Love the header pic. Was Anushka tickling her on the neck when you took this? Very cute - the look on Aditi's face :)