September 17, 2010

Food fetish

There is a Karnataka food fest on right now. Have you been there? Sounds yummy.

Another place on my list is this one - rather far from home but will do it sometime.

Also there was a nice sounding Rangoli contest held at DGV road last weekend. Missed it. Did you go?


sandhya said...

Hmmm...bad timing for reading such posts. I'm hungry and must get my lunch!

RS said...

Hi! Delurking to say Thanks!For this information.

Will check it out this weekend...

Being a Blorean - I hardly try such stuff :-( Must begin atleast now...

Oh! And you MUST check out the Food Street in V V Puram (ie; If you still havent)

artnavy said...

hehe sandhya

oh i loved vv puram food street-

samskruthi said...

halli Mane is in Malleahwaram. Just hype.The place is too crowded and food pretty bad.
Check out Maiyyas silver thali lunch.its worth the cost of abt 350 bucks per plate.Need to book in advance.Located in Jayanagar, their shop has some very good snacks and pastries.

ChoxBox said...

wanted to go for the rangoli thing but couldn’t finally. oh well.

Artnavy said...

maiyyas was good

it happened yesterday from the looks of the article in the paper today

Anonymous said...

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