September 23, 2010

Book list and India

Met Uma on my trip to Chennai and she passed on some really cool kids' books. I think if we moms exchanged books we could end up reading a lot of varied stuff ( at least for those who are not yet members at Hippo or British Council )

And here is a link from a friend on multi cultural books. Pity that the only Indian ones you find there are American Indian. No Tulika, Pratham, CBT, Young Zubaan, Karadi at all! Not even Tara- to quote a cheeky friend- 'The Bodyshop of Indian Picture books'!


ChoxBox said...

Yup and am happy to note that many of the books in that list have been reviewed on ST, and that my bookshelves have quite a few of them too :)

As we were discussing, Tulika and the rest really need to be marketed abroad. Can see such a huge potential market. Always gift them to friends/kids old school in London and are very well-received.

Keiichi said...

Yeah, Good books are important for children. Your children are happy!

apu said...

Art, Just Books also has a good section of children's books, and the advantage is that you can borrow and return at any of their many branches in BLR once you are a member.

Lavs said...

how come i never get a call during your chennai visits? i am really really miffed now!

artnavy said...

chox- thanks and u and rest at ST r our inspiration

apu- am waiting for anush to finish the numerous books we lareayd have at homebefore i take memebership at hoos or just books

u stay the other end of tonw

i called u twice lats month as i was pasisng thru ur area u recollect!!

btw- it is almost a year since Aditi was born!!

GB said...