August 20, 2010

Watch over me

Anush got a great big watch from her Greatgrandmother who likes "Rose" colour just as Anush likes pink.

They were the best of friends when Anushka was a baby but now they do not spend much time or have too much converstaion together. My paati could not lift her even as a baby but would love to sit by her when she is asleep or playing or in a good mood in general.

Aditi however has taken on Anush's erstwhile role in my grandma's life and it is wonderful to watch them together.


Yesterday we had an off beat tasting session at a soon to be opened restaurant with three very fun women- JLT, Mamamia and Apu of Women's web. And did controlled shopping at Fab India.


sandhya said...

Controlled shopping?

ChoxBox said...

LOl@controlled shopping!

And the watch is pretty :)

Patricia Torres said...

my little one loved it.. its super cute..

Anusha Sarathy said...

I hope you visited the Fab India at CMH Road...They havea a brilliant collection...Me missing Bangy :-(

Gayatri said...

- gals love Rosy any age :)
- gals love any age :D
- gals hate controlled any age :b

How do we know said...

ROTFL at "Controlled shopping" - this one's a first!

Shankari said...

what on earth is "controlled shopping" ? The pink watch is very pretty :)

Geeta Mahesh said...

The watch is cute.

"Controlled Shopping" absolutely loved the word. I can tell you I am going to be using it a LOT !!!

artnavy said...

gayatri said it!!

Mama - Mia said...

much fun was had! thanks for letting me tag along!

pity i missed my share of "controlled" shopping!