August 04, 2010

So much on my table!

This pic is for Patty's post on what is on your table today. A pencil cap-doll from Bali.

I was in Chennai yesterday and did not have to do the overnighter. Anyway I cannot escape it next week. I managed to get photos printed at my regular shop in Velachery and sorted and placed them in two albums during my wait at the airport. Got back at about 11pm to find Anush asleep. Aditi woke up to welcome me !

Just realised there is so much to do (apart from the regular routine )and so little time:
the Great Prabhat circus ( on only till this weekend)
a much postponed trip to Kaveri emporium
Our Native village
a trip to Mysore - with the zoo and the rail museum for a nostalgia trip
an art show by a cartoonist
a cousin is auditioning at Voice of Bangalore at Garuda Mall
a much needed trip to the parlour to control the return of the jungle
meeting chox & kids( long overdue)
a trip to Cmani with my SIL
just plain chilling out at home ( no- not an option)

The are movies to be seen- Once upon a time, Inception, Khatta Meetha, Tere bin laden and so on

BTW last week bought a cd off nowhere, Toy Story 3. It turned out to be in Russian without subtitles!

Do I hear you saying" Serves you right for encouraging piracy. Hmmm." Can't refute that.

Finished reading Palace of Illusions - great concept, gripping, not tight enough in style/ editing.


ChoxBox said...

Please watch Inception. And meet chox & kids.

sandhya said...

You forgot the ST meet. Looking forward to meeting you there. And A looking forward to meeting the kids!

Mama - Mia said...

i dont see chilling at home happening so soon, eh?!

yup loved Inception. want to watch Tere Bin Laden and Toy story 3.

we so desperately need to get photos printed too. M is gonna travel for next 2 months. maybe i can get all that stuff done when he is away!

haffun you!


Patricia Torres said...

You sound like me... so much to do... so little time!! :-)

Thanks for posting this..

RGB said...

Interesting...the kind of things you do. Checked out your home interiors too...lovely. I'm inspired to make-over my home now!

The Kid said...

I heard "Khatta Meetha" was really one of those terrible movies by Priyadarshan.

Consider yourself forewarned

GB said...

Found you via Patty's blog! I have to agree with you on palace of wasn't her best, was it? You must try "one amazing thing" tho'...its really good!!!

Hubby watched tere bina laden...he laughed a lot; I couldn't bear to watch the slapstick comedy!!