July 12, 2010

A taste of France in India

My SIL and family have come down from the US, after a vacation in France. We all got together at Chintamani for the weekend. Lots of talk, games, bonding and food happened.

For the first time got to taste this awesome cookie called crepe (Crèpes dentelles ) but very crisp and light! Go here to know more. I had only eaten the soft pancake like crepe till now.

The extremely thin, melt in the mouth crèpes rolls reminded me of pootharekulu ( available at the Blore airport Pullareddy brand at the Naturo stall). The crepes are served with dessert as an accompaniemetn to ice cream and mousses or simply presented over coffee or Champagne or can be eaten just like that as we did!


Pic of a MU ball in my apartment that the kids play with
Cheers to Spain! Was completely mesmerised by the entertainment gala before the match. And yes, guess it will be election polls for Paul next?


Sandhya said...

Hi Art...must remind me of my Enid Blyton days.. of how I used to drool over those sandwiches and picnic hampers..your description of the french crepes make me feel the same.

Sandhya said...

and btw...Aditi is innocense personified in the header.

starry eyed said...

Now wait a minute! If you post such droolicious pix of Aditi, how do you expect us to be able to read about delicious food??? I love her slipped strap...I have a similar pic of Div...it's so cute!

artnavy said...

tnx sandhya

starry- :-)