June 08, 2010

Singham, lion heart and more

Anush has been a rather timid/ clingy child, in the sense she does not venture out much with out me. She refuses to enroll in activities outside of school unless pressed to do so.

On Sunday, she proclaimed that she wants to go to her cousin's place and stay the night there as well. I was not prepared but put on a brave face and we packed and I reinforced my gyaan on susu, sharing , eating, taboos etc

As she was leaving, I told her ( half hoping she would change her mind) that she could call for us to pick her up if she wants to get back sooner.

As the day progressed I began wondering what she finds more exciting at her cousin's place than her own home. Of course she has kids who adore her and she hero worships. Other than that maybe??

Navy said I was reading too much into all this and she is trying to be independent and we shld encourage blah blah.... he was right.I used to scoff when they said mothers need to learn to set their children free- little did I know....I am a clingy mom!!

Anyway I was relieved ( no thrilled) when Anush called by evening to say she wanted to get back home.

What would I have done if she had really stayed on... maybe I would have joined her myself ... Just kidding. What, you don't believe me?

Of course I got good time with Aditi and caught up with Navy and we also saw a movie Singham. Mostly mindless, rather violent, fun ride. Some questions to the director- Does Air Deccan still fly? Why does Surya insist on wearing blouse shirts?

P.S. Anush went smiling to school finally!!


Shankari said...

I know what you are saying. Offlate Na has been saying that she wants to go on playdates and stuff, not sleepovers, but for about 2 hours or so. I did allow her to go once but to a very dear friends house where I know she will be completely at ease.

Last Sunday she went to a neighbours house, and when they asked her to stay longer, apparently she said "I have to go back to my amma"... I was grinning ear to ear trust me :)

Just Like That said...

yay!! for the smile on schoolgoing Anush's face. :-)

utbtkids said...

Friend and self have couple of theories abt Surya's blouse shirts.

(1) Jo's clothes are going waste and Surya's motto is Reduce, reuse, recycle.

(2)Jo designs clothes for Surya. Her master plan is to make him look like that in order to keep his female fans at bay.

Thinking abt it, it is not just blouse shirts. Capri pants and crop pants too, all from Jo's closet.

Uma said...

If there's a clingy mom's contest I would definitely win it! So shameful...I hope I'll change in time :(

starry eyed said...

LOL at clingy mom! I'm the complete opposite!

YAYYYYYY on the morning smile...hope it continues and gets bigger and bigger!

sandhya said...

Anush is a lot younger than A and I think you are alright. A few months back A went for an overnight trip trough school, and did have one episode where she "wanted her mother" and a call was made to me so that she could speak to me. Other than that she was fine. It was I who could not sleep all night and was waiting for the evening next day when she would come home. Talk about clingy moms!
Great to know Anush smiles while going to school.

Artnavy said...

Thanks all for not chiding me !! and some of u for siding with me

i was thinking the same- that it may be Jo's stuff but that would be loose for him na??

the other day anush saw a built up hero and asked why he was wearing a bra!!!

yaadayaada said...

He is altering Jo's clothes, you see.. Surya is green so reduce, reuse and recycle as utbt says.