June 22, 2010

Ramayan retold

I love Abhishek. ( yeah yeah)

I like Vikram.

I can tolerate Aishwarya.

I adore ARR

I favour Mani Ratnam films


Read these reviews from my favourite reviewers before you decide- here and here.


Blogeswari said...

Thank you :)

Just Like That said...

I love Abhishek too! :-D
I like Vikram too.
I can't tolerate Aishwarya.
Love ARR, adored the Mani Ratnam of old.
think I will take the cd of ravanan and watch it later, in peace.

Anonymous said...

Anush is awesome in the header pic!!!!

Heard the same review whoever watched that from my friends too.. lost interest in that movie...


GB said...

Nandri, ammani :P

artnavy said...

heehe JLT- good decision and we paid Rs 270 per ticket on Friday night!!

GB and Bleswari- :-D

kokila- tnx

Unknown said...

I loveeeeeee ur new template n awesome header!!!! Anush looks amazing. is it a DSLR??
Avoiding raavan. Thanks for the links.

Arundhati said...

I loved Abhishek right from his flop days, he has an intensity that can be put to use with the right role and character methinks.
I have not seen a Vikram movie yet.
I cannot tolerate Aishwarya except for Raincoat, Chokher Bali, Guru, Mistress of Spices (this last one to an extent).
I adore ARR too.
I am a big fan Mani Ratnam films of yore - Mouna Ragam, Agni Natchathram, Naayakan, Dalapathi, Roja, even Bombay was good I thought.

I was looking fwd to Raavan, but the reviews have made me decide to stay away.

ps - I believe Abhishek's career was doomed.. after his wedding to Aishwarya. Being married to someone that beautiful and coveted must take its toll, his energy and focus must be on her all the time.

Ignore the views of a disgruntled Abhi fan and Ash-hater ;)

pps - I can't have enuf of that header pic :)

Momo's Ma said...

loved the header and background. n thanks for saving our money...
:) :)

The Print Lover said...

LOL, one of the best reviews I've read for this movie.

Mani should stop this bilingual mess and stick only to tamil audience. I liked Kannathil Muthamittal which he made for the tam audience.

utbtkids said...

I can tolerate Abishek.
I can't stand Aishwarya.

I watched the Raavanan(Tamil version). Prithvi was great. I think a more than good substitute for 'Blouse'Surya.

Over all I liked Raavanan. Might even watch it again. But only DVD, too work much co-ordinating baby sitting arrangements.

utbtkids said...

Addendum: Prithvi is great in terms of looks.

Vikram: If you give him Rs10, he acts for Rs1000. Absolutely unwanted. What to do? He is a late bloomer and wants to say too much before it is too late.

artnavy said...

arundathi/ shruti/ momo's mom

dont know

kannathil muthamittal is among my fave movies

prithvi is really good looking and i liked him in mozhi

Shankari said...

I love Abhishek too :) and Kannathil is my alltime favourite movie also. In fact watched it yesterday and it can still turn on the waterworks for me :)

I will wait for the CD of this movie, not sure if I want to shell out moolah after all the interesting reviews :)

Smrithi said...

i love your blog :) read often! dont comment often though
anyway delurking to say, u havnt read the best review ever until u have read this