June 24, 2010

Never say die

All about attitude- a friend just sent it and I was really inspired and amused.
Baby mosquito came back after its first time flying.
His dad asked him "How do you feel?"
He replied "It was wonderful, Everyone was clapping for me!"


While on attitude here are some very eco friendly activity books I recently got. Not just the content but even the paper is made from recycled fibre!! I found them in Odyssey. As I was browsing, I found this interesting site with my favourite bird on it.


newmumontheblock said...

LOL baby mosquito's attitude is impressive indeed, think I could take a tip or two from him! Dropped by here after a while and Anushka suddenly seems so grown up in the picture!

Shankari said...

Ah! The innocence of childhood and hence the resilience :)

MiM said...

the header is beautifully-taken.

and we have the same book. my mum spent most of her time (of her last vacation here) colouring in it. firstborn did mebbe 10 percent.

Artnavy said...

newmum- yes she has grown

shankari- u said it

MiM- anush is colouring half way ( but remember that series about anti colouring) ....she likes doing only mazes at the moment

Swapna said...

Ahh Art,
I must go with MiM, I did half of the colouring in the first book (which A calls pablo the fox)
and an addition to the lot, was a gift from a friend got recently...
hopefully, she will do the colouring in the second one.

Swapna said...

And yes...

Its probably not a baby mosquito in Chennai or Bangalore, where we use the mosqi bat(called kosu bat by the little one)!!!

dipali said...

lovely story:)