May 10, 2010

Wonderful Life!

Went for Ashtavakra staged by Dhaatu Puppet theatre. Absolutely engaging and delightful for both adults and for children. The play was in English and the songs in Kannada but I could follow most of it.

The entry was free and I wonder how they support this initiative. They also had a puppet gallery which could have done with a guide or some literature.

Went to Chamraajpet for the Brahmin's idli corner but it was shut and we ended up in Vidhyarthi bhavan and devoured some yummy dosas instead and got to see Gandhi bazaar as well.

We took Anush to her new school for a peek preview- truly peek because the gates were shut. She looked through the wooden slats and also I held her high over the smaller wall .....She seemed very pleased and even in the evening asked to go look it up again! If she settles in well, this move will be complete and done.

Aditi is able to crawl a few 'steps' and needs targets such as the remote for her to move towards.

We had a mini blogger meet at my place with usha, sandhya, crazy mom and an avid blog reader S joining us. Though I had met three of them before, Sandhya was new to me. It was like those times in Chennai when I bonded with "known strangers" and turned friends. I think there will be many such in Blore.

Anush and Aditi were completely indulged in terms of gifts and though both were sleepy, Anush enjoyed herself and shared her toys with A didi and the little A.

My SIL dropped by and her hubby amazed me with his energy levels and humour.... as usual. The kids are most lucky to have their cousins and new friends close at hand.

Went to Mangalore on work and another blogger Starry came to rescue in terms of a place suggestion for lunch- we went to the Village and had yummy food.


Unknown said...

How do u get details abt plays / puppet shows in blore?? Next time just leave me a note will ya :) i'd love to join u guys if u don't mind.

N I was soo looking forward to meeting all u guys :( Next time pakka!

starry eyed said...

Oh you did reach The Village! I kept thinking to call you back...but these two brats of mine were driving me nuts! In fact when you called, I was distracted trying to get them to cool down!

Wish we could've made it to the bloggers meet, sounds like it was great fun.

Uma said...

Wonderful indeed! I can see that you've started the Bangalore round up :)

Artnavy said...

metro plus
sure i will let u know

thanks so much for the recco

:-).... and no one is reading it!! at least going by the comments

Doli said...

oh where is this restaurant The Village in mangalore? I've lived there and dont remember seeing one!

Subhashree said...

Wow.. so you made it to Dhaatu?! Great. I guess you belong to the doers group and I to the talkers group. Lol!

Artnavy said...

The village was a little beyond Infosys

Subha- oh come on...we live closer to the venue- so it was easier