May 26, 2010

Books and (dis)comfort

Discovered a jigsaw puzzle from Karadi( wonder if they make jigsaws anymore). This is a 6 in 1 - about The Birth of Krishna. I did not even recollect it. I seem to have left it a while ago, maybe even before Anush, for my niece, at my ILs' place. Anush is having great fun with it now. Such hand me downs are wonderful!

But this particular one is also difficult in terms of having to explain the story- why anyone, however bad, would kill a baby.

On similar lines had difficulty with And Land was born from Tulika which talks of God tearing up a baby jugni mata...though that ends better with more jugni matas being born...

The latest issue of Chandamama, carries a letter which states "Mister Muthu was marvellous!" The online updates come with a time lag and are also pending on the website. So cannot link up to the episode which may have elicited that response.


Praba Ram said...

I hear you, Art. I have been there with my older. I think if we had ratings like for movies here, I would put PG13 to books/stories involving elements of violence and killing. Would be good to discuss this on our ST threads. What's age appropriate and what's not? :)

Choxbox said...

Totally with you Art.

In a nutshell - till they don't read on their own, you can edit left right and centre. Post that (as I am discovering for the second time) it gets trickier!

And gosh I have many Mister Muthus to catch up on. Always defer it because I want to read it in peace.. maybe I'll treat myself with one a day starting today.

starry eyed said...

Yeah it is truly tricky. Here we have questions about why Hanuman stamps on Rakshasas and kills them too. "Because he's a God" is becoming a bit old around here!