April 19, 2010

The weekend that was not

This weekend , was generally very busy.

We explored our ilaaka on foot. Found that we are just a walk away from our key needs.
Introduced Anush to badminton and carrom finally.
Also a new type of obstacle climbing and reintroduced swimming ( as in splashing about)

We were busy with the paper mache art challenge. But I guess we will not make it in time!! Still I will update on our rather messy efforts and as always we had fun doing it.

Met a friend recently, who does not own a car since he believes he can do without one.
Met a couple of bloggers who do not have cable TV or even a TV at home

Everyone is happy though! Different strokes for different folks.


starry eyed said...

Life without a TV rocks! Even in the summer hols!

And pls tell where you found this novel obstacle climbing...Dhruv wants to know :-D You are going to re-introduce us lazy B'loreans to the fun possible in this city!

Shankari said...

Life without the box? How is that even possible?

and where is this place? Pls. educate this lazy non banglorean also! Narad will appreciate :)

ambulisamma said...

I jumped into yours from starry.Catched up on few old articles,you seem to be so artful and lovely.Loved the pics of your home.
And coming to TV,well am living without it for 1 year alomost now,do not want the baby to get addicted.

johnsons said...

many middle class are still with out a car right

Dee said...

add me to the list that thinks a car is not needed !! This time, in India I used the public transport as much and loved it !!! the kids loved the train and autos and I loved the all spruced up PTC buses which I earlier used to hate after using the BEST buses....
The people touch is amazing in public transport and I have been touched by many kind strangers' gestures whenever I was stuck with my kids !!!

Artnavy said...

It is not necc out of choice...this friend can totally afford one or two cars even but it is his value system ...

on phone- we did not have one till i was in my 10th std or so... how is that?

Itchingtowrite said...

i wud be happy without TV considering that I dont get to watch at all nowadays
except for being a cheap babysitter at times it doesn't serve any useful purpose for me!

Unknown said...

ya we got our phone in my second year of medicine[phone we could afford from my 10 th standard but car no]
ya I mean to say we went with out phone and a cable for many years though we could afford
but car we could not
so I was thinking car is a luxury to the middle class still now in India right
now it is clarified about your friend about his concept of not owning one though he could
artnavy your girls are very cute
my little one is 2 years
we are from Andhra
great site and good taste in all the art works your are having around your house
bye dear

Swati said...

Nice pic ..asolutely lovely :)