April 22, 2010

108 on air?

On my flight to Chennai this morning , there was a medical emergency .

The flight crew asked for a doc and fortunately there was one and he rushed to help

This was a really short flight, there was doctor available and the problem was manageable

It set me thinking as to what all could happen and how would it have been handled on a long flight....


Niv said...

I always wonder what ppl would do, if there was an emergency, when I was returning from UAE, 8 months pregnant, I wondered what ppl would do, if I had early labour, or if my water bag broke, etc

Gayatri said...

- scary :(
- never really thought about it
- but now I will
- don't the flight attendants need to know some basic first aid measures???
- but I guess if the problem is serious and there's no doc aboard....PRAY that's all

IBH said...

scary but i have had that exp...Kaju fell ill on her first flight from US to India...dehydrated and running high fever..luckily there was one...cant imagine otherwise though:(scares me!

IBH said...

Gayatri - they are trained in CPRs and other smallers first aids..but the big medical ones..like let us say a heartattack on the flight and such

Uma said...

I remember getting frantic on my first flight with A! Wonder how ppl with kids manage long flights..
..like IBH says, PRAY!