March 08, 2010

Chennai Chronicles V- Celebrating Chennai

Chennai is steeped in culture and history. Here are some wonderful ways, the two legged kind, to discover the city and its natural bounty.

Storytrails, with whom my father had been a story teller tops my list. It also has interesting trails for children and has expanded to Mumbai.

The rest of the walks that have caught my fancy are listed in no particular order.
Madras Heritage walks - a very interesting venture where "Madras Walks is not a company or voluntary organisation. It is a group of people who love taking other people on heritage tours. "

Madras photo walk - really cool and I recall one which had a street food theme

Madras Day walks - Chennai Kondattam has been one of the most lively initiatives from Ms. Kanimozhi and Mylapore Times also does something to this effect.

Kilpauk walks- Initiated by a particular locality based Chennai proud set of people

Tree walks with Nizhal, a really noble initiative

Turtle Walks ( Olive Ridley) - reflecting Chennai's concern for nature

And if you get tired walking or are afraid of the Chennai heat or have smaller kids with you, you have this cool option and this cooler option of travel.
On Women's Day, I would like to say that Chennai is as safe as any city in India. Of course I rarely use public transport and am off shorts and so called modern outfits now a days...
Some Anushisms for the road-
On her first visit to Mc Donalds which has opened a branch in Velachery- "Appa we are going to Old Mc Donalds ?"
"Amma, if there are no beaches in Bangalore, we need not go there!"
" Why can't we have two houses in Bangalore? We have in Chennai na?"


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