January 08, 2010

Of matters BIG

I picked up Anushka from school and she was so pleeeeeeased. Usually my mom picks her up.
Then with concern she asked"Aditi does not need dhudhu? She is very cooperative- so you came to pick me up?" I was so proud. Anush is truly a BIG sister!!

My aunt has got her a floor piano- inspired by the one in the movie BIG. It is absolutely engaging even for the adults here.

Have any of you indulged in this noisy but cool game- Dont break the ice ( from Hasbro). It is BIG on our playlist right now.


starry eyed said...

Oh wow, I loved that floor piano in Big! Any chance she got it from India?! Or is it a US thing?

Big sisters rock!

Artnavy said...

hey starry

from the US but must be avail here as well...shld check landmark or toysrus

Swati said...

such a responsible big sis :)

Artnavy said...

swati- :-)