January 18, 2010

Kites kites everywhere...

We have resumed listening to Karadi Rhymes since Aditi seems to "listen" to music now.
The kites rhyme triggered in Anushka the wish to fly a kite.

We were not sure if and where we could find them in Chennai. There was a ban that came into force recently following some freak accidents where two wheeler drivers got hurt due to some random kite string catching them unawares.

So we googled to make our own kite ( though we did not fly it) and found some wonderful stuff

Here is one that teaches the basics with a cute kid

Here are the words that mean kite in various languages

While we all know Kite runner, has anyone read the book Hasmina's Kite or A Kite Journey Through India.


Creepy as frogs are (i find them revolting in fact), I finished this 500 piece jigsaw puzzle in a not so quick 9 hours. Blame it on the jumpy subject. It was yet another gift from the foreign cousins.

The novelty is the 3D Visual Echo series that this puzzle belongs to and they are rendered by by an artist- Royce. Go here for more details....


apu said...

Yayyy - once you move to Blr, I shall hand over my pending Vermeer jigsaw puzzle to you and wait for it to get done :)

Mama - Mia said...

niiice work dude!! i think i should give my rusty brain cells a work out and start doing simpler ones to begin!

Swapna Raghu Sanand said...

Sounds great! I too love Karadi rhymes though I got it for my son:)

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Choxbox said...

Up Up! in the Thumb Thumb series is also about a kite!

And Hyd is THE place to go for kites on Sankranti. Oh man what fun we used to have!

Artnavy said...

i promised anush we could fly a kite in Chintamani - so now she wants to know when we will visit!!