January 29, 2010

Horseshoes and cowbells

Horseshoes have been a part of home decor for a while. ( though I still do not have one)

Indian Cowbells also turned into decor pieces a few years ago with this. We bought ours two years ago. Anush desired the large xylaphone like one then. But we only got a single bell and a small wind chime.

I recall the times we would wait for a trip to Switzerland or a visitor from there to get another such cowbell....

pic courtesy google


Choxbox said...

Nice :)

I have a bunch of bells from various travels as well - Indian, Thai and Swiss. And an awesome wind-chime that lives in the middle of my plants and tinkles al the time.

VJ said...

There used to be a craze for the cowbell after DDLJ !!
I havent hear much about horseshoe

Anonymous said...

Ditto VJ. Cowbells remind me of DDLJ.

And happy 4th month to the little bonda :)

Anonymous said...

her frock is so pretty. love the smocking. looks lovely on the tot