January 05, 2010

flights of fancy

Our movie DVD shop is shutting down. Managed to get a lot of original DVDs at their clearance. Watched Cat in a Hat today.

New year celebs are scheduled in the apartment this weekend. Anush wishes to be a butterfly for the fancy dress event!! Need to find an apt rhyme / song for her to recite. Any ideas?


Vinitha said...

Long long back I said something like

"Butterfly butterfly
come with me
no no no I have long ways to go

Butterfly butterfly
dance with me
no no I have long ways to go

similarly sing with me and laugh

I am pretty sure it came off some book or that is what my mother tells me but it could easily be her creation. I have been searching for that song to sing to my lil one for ages but have not found it. It used to be my trademark song when I was in 1st standard and I have won some prize for that. I actually think it was a fancy dress competition

utbtkids said...

Fav @ is Barney butterfly song, it goes with numbers 4 - none, I only remember a part

1 little butterfly sitting in the sun,
she flew away and then there was none.
B.fly, b.fly, fly fly away
B.fly, b.fly, happy all day

Also chk out


Sands said...

Butterfly, Butterfly; so awesome and free,
spread your wings and fly to me, ever so graceful and full of love, you shine like the sun above, Butterfly, Butterfly, so awesome and free,

I wish for the true love you, they bring me to see,
Butterfly, Butterfly, so full of color and cheer,
when I see you, I feel you so near,
Butterfly, Butterfly, you lighten my day,
and hope in my life you will stay.................

dawn bailey

Artnavy said...

interesting stuff all....

i recall

butterfly bfly flutter by flutter by
up and down in the morning sky
bfly flit and fly.....

Choxbox said...

art, i was going to type what you did - the flutterby one! had it in the english reader in 3rd or 4th std!

Swati said...

wow so many butterfly songs here , should tag this post as keepsake :)

nanands said...

Butterfly Poem

Flutter flutter flutterby,
Flying high in the blue sky,
With wings so bright & colourful,
Yes I'm the butterfly,
that you keep asking for

Claire Page

Mama - Mia said...

how beautiful all these poems are!! :) and anush will make a swell butterfly!

Cubby's book has one.

Butterfly Butterfly flying so high
butterfly butterfly up up in blue sky
Butterfly Butterfly flying so high
take me with you up up in blue sky

or some such thing!