January 12, 2010

Celebrating Chennai

The Chennai Sangamam is here again .

The Dastakari Exhibition is on at Kalakshetra with some interesting performances as well.

Pongal is round the corner.


Unknown said...

Planning to give a shot at making Sakkarai Pongal this year.

This Kalakshetra thing sounds inviting. Let us know how it went.
~The Print Lover

VJ said...

are you going for the chennai sangamam? i have been reading lot about it... let us know

Niv said...

hope I bump into at Kalakshetra,going today::)

both babies look damn cute:)
though i think Aditi looks cuter:)
after all big sis took the pic rite!
has to be good:)

Niv said...

I meant bump into you:)

Uma said...

Oh, precious pics! And Anush is already a photographer..wow!

Hey, I had the chance to see the chennai sangamam... they were at our office yesterday - totally worth it! Should try to make it to kalakshetra..