January 01, 2010

Another year is born

We celebrated my mom's birthday on Dec 30 in Delhi. After about 20 years , almost her entire family was there for the occasion- the last time we had been to the Taj Mumbai. This time it was at home. The latest additions, Aditi and Anush were also there now. Anushka made her a couple of pretty craft items and we got her the best eggless cake any of us have ever had along with other gifts of course.

Finally visited Dilli Haat ( the Dastkar fest had just been inaugurated) and got some cute knick knacks but stayed clear of other stuff since I need a new house to be able to accommodate anything else. Just kidding.

Visited Bikaner in Gurgaon and had awesome chaat.


Good bye 2009- you have been wonderful to us.


Aditi completed our family. Gave us all new titles- me a mother of two, Anush - a big sister.

We lost a dear maama of Navy's and we saw some of his cousins marry- life goes on.

She delights and amuses and being a big sister suits her

She is warm, talkative, imaginative and rarely incorrigible. But she is exemplary at school ( touchwood) and has extended school hours now

Her clinginess to me and her cough - we are still working on

We kept trying to start her off on learning keyboard, music, swimming, dancing, art- gave up after the second session itself since she was not ready for any of them. She wants only me to teach her anything.

This year we were a caravan - shuttling between both homes given my pregnancy, my father being away, etc

More than achieved targets and all set to reap the benefits . Was even missed during maternity break by some clients

Chandamama contract for Mister Muthu continues and is online as well

And I have just begun contributing to Saffron Tree.


Australia is evading me!! Passports updated but need another for Aditi!


Could have done better on this but in touch with some through FB

Have lost some weight post pregnancy and still working on the temper bit
Read a lot and watched a few movies.


Made some new friends in the blogging world- clocked 2Lakh visitors & crossed 700 posts - was blessed with pre and post baby meets and even two in Blore

Thanks to all who made 2009 memorable - Aditi, Anushka, Navy, family, friends...

Welcome 2010!!


Monika said...

Happy Birthday to your mom :) & a happy new year to all of you

Noodlehead said...

omg! Art it's been way to long...this is the first I'm hearing about Aditi. Congrats, she's so beautiful :)Hugs to you all. Have a great year ahead!

Lavs said...

Belated birthday wishes to aunty. Wish you and your entire family a very Happy and joyful year ahead.

HOw is navy coping up here all alone with you guys partying up north?:)

starry eyed said...

Happy New Year! Belated wishes to your mom!

PS You have a temper? I never would've guessed! :)

Unknown said...

Nice summary of the year. And happy 2010 to the Art family.

p.s: Why did you remove the name/url option from the comments?

- The Print Lover

Artnavy said...

thanks all

starry- u kidding me?

print- will try to remedy that