December 21, 2009

Make me a watch

Took Anush to the nearby watch shop- to get her watch cell changed and my mother's strap reset. Anush was fascinated though scared by the guy with the eye glass.

I was wondering is there some historical reason why the experts at baking bread/ naan katai, watches, leather goods, tailoring, embroidery, books are usually Muslim?


Uma said...

I thought the bread was equally shared between Christians, iyengars and the mallus :D
Btw, have you tried out the hot chips on Taramani road?

Praba Ram said...

India is a land of a rich Mughal culture and history. Most handmade skills all part of our traditions handed from the Mughals - embroidery particularly and shoe making and baking too, I would think. Persians are master bakers. We go to a local Persian bakery here for fresh bread and cookies. Love the place!

As with any handmade product, it requires "devotion". I should point you to a Moroccan blog that I love and there's a post on "pashmina embroidery of Kashmir" and how the artisan actually feels when the handmade shawl he worked on for months, leaves him for sale - he tells the interviewer it's as if a part of him is being taken away...I will email you that link.

Any handmade products/skill and artisans humble me.

Anonymous said...


Krishnan said...

Maybe caste Hindu taboo of leather ?

Artnavy said...

uma- not yet- not a fan of hot chips

praba- await the link

krish- i guess that cld be