September 04, 2009

Of and Off Work

I plan to go on leave mid month so that I get a few days with Anush exclusively before the due date. It helps that Anush has vacation at school then.

I am wrapping up gradually at work. My desk/ paperwork/ e-files are usually clean & organised - so no issues there. My emails are taking long since I archive most of them.

Most surprisingly, unlike the relief I felt the last time, for getting a break from work, I am finding it difficult to let go this time.

When I was to deliver Anushka, I was in marketing- though client interaction is wide spread, it is not very intense in that role. The customers are more internal in nature. Also there was a single person who took charge of all my work while i was away. I was also granted more leave- about 5 months!!

This time I am in sales. I front end and often fill in for the marketing inputs since I have that background . But there is no single person assigned to do my work in my absence this time- so it is a huge hassle- for me and for them. I wonder if service levels will suffer but then with my boss taking an active interest I am sure it will not. It also looks like my leave will only be the mandatory 3 months unlike last time.

As a colleague pointed out, my priority is my personal life right now and when I get back to work I guess I can take stock and do the needful.


choxbox said...

know what - love your positiveness in everything!

Artnavy said...

all that talk of doulas at poppy's post

i know u r my doula - aren't you?? and maybe lavs as well

Swati said...

All the best..have a nice time

choxbox said...

I AM! do you need to ask?!

Mehar said...

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starry eyed said...

Wow...can feel the impending excitement! Lucky Anush to get the exclusive Mommy-time...have fun:) as for work, you sound so organised that everyone should be able to step in and handle things easily.

Take care!

Collection Of Stars said...

All the best :)
Hoping things will work out the best for you.

How do we know said...

Hey.. all the very best for the new journey lasting just a lifetime! :-)

Take Care.. and i hope Anush loves the new sibling at first sight!

Love the clarity of thoughts that comes through in ur posts..

Bhavana said...

Goodluck Art! Enjoy the time off and work will always be there when you get back.

Lavs said...

Me too your doula!!! May be the local one..what say???

We all are going to miss your daily posts...but what the shall be with your newest kid and giving me updates over mobile (whenever time permits of course).Okay?

I am damn excited...Can't wait for the lil one to pop out.

Krishnan said...

Good luck.