September 17, 2009

Nesting Instinct

Chox was the first to ask me if this had kicked in.

" humans...... commonly characterized by a strong urge to clean and organize one's home and is one reason why couples who are expecting a baby often reorganize, arrange, and clean the house and surroundings. " .....Nesting Instinct- courtesy wikipedia

I must say, pregnant or not, this urge is in place since I got my own room as a teenager.
All regular readers know that I love to shop. But this time for the baby , only one large purchase has been made. Reason being we have the crib- bed, pram, even the small bath tub from Anush's infancy!
Yesterday the baby's wardrobe/ cupboard was delivered. We had specified that it should at least kind of gel with Anush's antique one( which is in fact my childhood almirah) . Impossible to match, since it would be way too expensive to get a similar solid teak one.

Anushka already wants to buy baby clothes and toys and fill it up. I just asked her to place the toys we had sorted for the baby from her old stuff.

She is very particular that small toys are not part of this since I had mentioned to her that babies have a tendency to put everything into their mouths. . .

Oh yes! here are the latest Anushisms, centering around the baby-

She is aware that the baby is smiling, sleeping, eating, swimming and even "troubling" her amma in water in her stomach
" When doc aunty cuts your stomach all the water will come out na?"
Had to reassure her that
1. the baby would not need the water since it would also come out
2. doc aunty will ensure the water is cleaned/ mopped up

Boy or Girl
" Once baby comes out of your stomach, it will say its name and then we will know if it is a boy or a girl!!"
"If you have a boy, then the baby and I will be like Charlie and Lola" ( ceebebies)
" If you have a girl. then she can have all my paavadai chattais which have become small"

" Amma I want a baby in my stomach. When will it happen?"
Offered her a simplistic reply- after her marriage!! LOL, though it may not be prerequisite as we know

Art by Anush- Anush( the big face on the right) and the baby( on the left next to the noodle?)


choxbox said...

i think these instincts are more for slobs like me! you should have seen me the day before i went into labour - the whole house was shining despite my huge watermelon shape!

and LOl at anushisms! major deja vu feelings!

Monika,Ansh said...

These instincts have kicked in for me & since I am usually quite the opposite of "organised", it's doing my world a whole lot of good.
Chalie & Ansh too loves that cartoon.

Sri said...

I have read about the nesting instinct but it hasnt struck me yet..i am still 8 weeks away from my due date..

I am thoroughly confused since it is my first time and also since i will be going to hyd to be with my parents for the delivery,i am cool!

All the best to u!:)

apu said...

awww. anushisms are always fun to read...and so sweet!

Mama - Mia said...

its all so cute! make me want to get pregnant all over again and see what Cubby is like! hehe!

Anushisms are just awesome! and i dont think i went into nesting instinct even when pregnant! so you can imagine how terrible i am! my mom did all the clearing and cleaning! :p



Esha said...

i was born with a genetic disability to clean up or organise in anyway. ;-)

Just Like That said...

LOLOL Anushisms and her wanting a baby in her stomach. :-D

Sonny boy's been seeing a whole lot of preggie ladies recetnly, and is mighty curious about the whole thing. Almost makes me wish for a baby to just see his reactions

Rohini said...

Brat also asked me the same question. But it was easier to answer since 'boys can't have babies in their stomach, only girls can'

Collection Of Stars said...

LoL :)
Anushisms are priceless.
So, you finished with all the cleaning yet?
Loved your header.

The Print Lover said...

The drawing is precious. Anush is very fair. The hands and legs are sticking out of the head for both herself and the baby .LOL!

Bhavana said...

The header pic of Anush is adorable.

Cantaloupes.Amma (CA) said...

Cantaloupe asks the exact same question and I had the same answer. This was followed by when will I get married ... will you be around to take care of my babies etc etc and I had to pause her to remind that there is LONG time before all this can happen :)

mybabynaren said...

Cute Anushisms! Can't wait to see the pic of both almirahs together.

mybabynaren said...

Cute Anushisms! Can't wait to see the pic of both almirahs together.

VJ said...

header pic is so cute. is it the new cupboard in the background?

artnavy said...

thanks all

mybabynaren- will post pics sometime- have to load software for pic transfer on my home comp:-))

print lover- oh that is how she does human figures and i do not feel like correcting her

vj- naa

dipali said...

Anush is just too cute:)