September 21, 2009

Navarathri special

I took Anush to my office golu on Saturday. She was fascinated not just with the dolls, a lot of which I was proud to note that she could identify, but thought my room was "amazing" though my boss's room was bigger. She enjoyed the joolah in our office aangan as well and was wondering why my friends were not around.

We visited an organic veggie shop near Infosys on OMR and she discovered that Navy likes green tomatoes.

Sunday we managed another golu courtesy Minka's apartment which puts up a great show- truly grand with performances by kids and teenagers and a pretty cosmopolitan crowd

Saw Unnaipol Oruvan, a Tamil remake of Wednesday. It did not capture our interest as much as the original- possibly because we knew what to expect. While Mohanlal was better than Kamal, Shruti Hassan's music score was good and the two mid level police guys were very handsome and competent.

Chandamama website recently updated the Mister muthu episodes- 3-4 new ones there- pl do visit and catch up....

Velachery update
Brown tree( a shop like Nuts and spices) , Tapas ( a coffee pub) , The chocolate shop ( on bypass road) have all opened in Velachery as also a veg restaurant called Krishna ( on Taramani rd) and The Rock( opp Adyar anand bhavan). Not yet been to any of them and unlikely to do so in the near future.... let me know if you visit them.


Monika,Ansh said...

Your office sounds great with jhoolas & golu :)

Uma said...

Heard Brown Tree has some good collection, want to go sometime... Chocolate Room looked sinfully yummy - we went in but didn't sample any since other plans clashed. Me saw the Rock too... looked too cramped..
Office Golu - sounds like a warm workplace. Pls drop in for Golu sometime...
Btw, Anush looks like a 'lady' in the pic - all poised and coy :)

Praveen said...

Hi! came here from Usha's.

I lived in Selaiyur for 4 years and traveled into the city via Velacherry almost everyday.That was the time the bridge was being constructed and foundations for the railway station was being laid. I hear Velacherry had developed a lot now. A railway station, a pub, coffee shops and lot of brand showrooms.

Is there a problem of water logging even now during the rainy season? Does traffic halt near Guru Nanak college till that petrol bunk (I forget what that junction is called called-Kathipara??) during peak hrs?

You are the nth person saying that Lal was better than Kamal. Am yet to watch the film.

Wishing u and your family a happy Duserra.

VJ said...

just finished reading the 4 new episodes of mister muthu..
it was lovely and relived the good old school days !

Poppins said...

More Mr. Muthu *rubs hands in glee* here I come! D loves it these days - esp two of them - the story of how Muthu became Mr. Muthu and Muthu's surprise bday party :)

artnavy said...

my office is very pretty- am unable to load pics at home comp

brown tree is good- and as for the header photo- appearances can be deceptive:-))

VJ/ Poppy-
hey thanks for catching up on Muthu!!

welcome here- velachey has changed a lot!