September 09, 2009

Navarathri beats

While I missed Raastaware which sounded like an interesting concept, this lady brings the glass sculptures you see in Sweden closer home. She is based in Chennai and I am surely going to pay a visit.

Vanilla place has some interesting things lined up for Dussera including doll making and 2D cartooning

Story trails also has some cool trails this month.

Poompuhar and CP art center have golu dolls on sale. Kuralagam shoudl also be on I guess. I hear Bommai chathram is a good place as well- need to figure out where it is. As for old dolls, am not sure where one can source them, if at all.

Sad that I will not be able to begin golu this year despite having made full purchases last year for the same.


Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely.........lots to do in Chennai :)

Poppy said...

Why sad? A real Golu Bommai is coming to the house this year! :)

Am excited Art!

choxbox said...

poppy said it - live golu is coming soooon!

Blogeswari said...

For old dolls -place an ad in Mylapore times - Am sure there are people/ families who wouldn't want to dispose their old dolls and would prefer to give it away / sell

The best place to buy dolls - Mylapore mada veedi - Wonderful stuff I saw on Sunday - Jatayu, kaarthigai girls + li'l murugans, naga poojai...
Managed to pick up Nayanmars

This year, planning a holiday around Dussera . So golu at some remote forest

Anusha Parthasarathy said...

Bommai Chathiram is in Triplicane adjacent to Parthasarathy Swamy Temple. I have been buying Navarathri Dolls there since childhood. U get good ones at reasonable prices.


MiM said...

wow! nice idea by blogeswari...
super ma.

sole said...

Oh...I am starting mine this year Art! Next year will be great with 2 gorgeous ones!

Wish I was there now to pick up whatever I want :(! Was so difficult to find dolls when I was there last Nov-Dec! So wish I could be there now!

Hema said...

I'm going to be in Chennai during Navarathri and I'm so excited about it.

I'm definitely going to check out some of these places :-)

VJ said...

Anjali's webiste looks lovely.. raastaware sounds interesting !!

I am missing all the fun and shopping for bommais !!!

@ Hema: we know u r. I feeling quite J.

Uma said...

Khadi is also good - I picked up some light weight wood bommais - a palanquin and ramar seethai lakshmanan and anjaneya set - the old one was broken.

artnavy said...

Last yr - I began my collection- went to
Khadi( near Hindu office), Mylapore roadside,
VTI and

blogeswari/ anusha-thanks

chox/ poppy- yeah that is right!!

hema- shall i see u then ?

Nagesh.MVS said...


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Hema said...

I would love to see you. Will call you once I'm there :-).

rajmathy said...

Now a days navarathri dolls in available at USA also. Don't worry for purchasing dolls. I saw last week. Many variety of individual and story telling dolls available there. announce navarathri golu competition. If you want any particular doll in your imagination, they will try to order for prepare it.