August 06, 2009

Stop! Mr Postman!

I tried to run through all the postman songs I knew from " I sent a letter to my father...." to" Mr Postman" by Carpenters to "Daakiya daak laaya" to "Chitthi aayee..." from Welcome to Sajjanpur

I recounted how I would send letters to my grand parents on these very post cards from the age of seven or so. And how I would eagerly await any letters that came addressed to me. Which was why I had a few pen pals in Canada, Sweden and Nigeria.

In this age of instant gratification, it does seem like such a simple pleasure.

Why all this-
Yesterday I happened to visit a post office
Got a few stamps and postcards for nostalgia's sake and to share the old times with Anush.


starry eyed said...

yeah, I remember the sheer joy of that letter sliding under the door! Email just doesn't have that special personal touch.

What a coincidence...Divya has gone for a field trip to the post office today:)

Timepass said...

I was in good contact with my grandparents only through letters..the whole ram kahani would be written in the inland letter itself...

Marukatsu said...

I understand your feelings.
But e-mail is very convenient for us, I think.

Have a nice day!

Krishnan said...

Nothing can beat the sheer pleasure of writing letters and receiving them. E-mails and SMS'es have sounded death knell to them, alas !

choxbox said...


reminds me of this song called 'the mail must go through..' from one of our nursery songs CDs. heard of it?

Anonymous said...

Navy was collecting stamps in his school years. Have been meaning to ask him about them for a few months now. This email reminded me of that question. Ask him if he remembers where all those albums are. It was a lovely collection indeed.


artnavy said...

chox- no - will look up the song

beena- hey i used to collect as well- have it here with me- both my coins and stamps- but mine is a collection that goes back to my K maama's collection as well

will aks navy about his

maybe together ours will have some display and heritage value and make anush rich :-D

Has to be me said...

Yup its such a nice feeling! I too used to enjoy receiving long wonderful letters from my dear friends, pen friends, cousins etc. That sp thrill of awaiting the letter & ripping it apart to read the contents is quite feeling.

Anonymous said...

Writing and especially receiving letters are so much fun! Just thinking about it, gives such a nostalgic memory.

Sue Gir said...

Sniff Sniff. Nostaslgia.

BTW, you've been tagged.

artnavy said...

hastobeme- welcome back to blogging- see u soon

mybabyN- :-D

suegir- just did a version of this tag- so pl excuse but yes i can ask navy to do his version - which i doubt if he will!!