August 19, 2009


This kind of pic post birthday party, with all the gifts still nicely wrapped and spread out, has been a tradition since my second birthday!!

While the first 3 years Anush unwrapped the gifts before I could keep track of who gave what, this year was easier and she was very lady like about the exercise.
Last night we had friends from Mysore dropping in. Anush was mahaa thrilled to see them. One of the uncles, on seeing an old lamp at home, asked her" Will the genie come if you rub the lamp?"

Seeing no reaction on her face, Navy promptly explained that we had not told her the Aladdin story ( which in fact she has 2 copies of and I have told her!!)

Anush turned around and said to Navy and the uncle " How will the genie come? It is not real - it is only a story!!"... parroting my words to her a few days ago when she saw some demons in some mythological show and seemed disturbed ....
Anush was browsing through Amar chitra katha and saw a pic of Durga-
" Why does this ummachi have so many hands amma? that she can hold so many things....??"
Some readers have asked for the contact details of Toysdayout - it is in Velachery. Here is the link


Marukatsu said...

How lovely she is!

Have a nice day!

choxbox said...

nice pix :)

..and if you are a mean mamma like me, you'll first stealthily confiscate all barbie and such like stuff in the gifts.

starry eyed said...

@Chox, I confiscate certain gifts too...but first tell us why Barbies? (I think I know, but tell anyway!)

@Art: I take these post-bday gift pix too:) But beware, with two kids, there's a lot of discretion to be used, specially when ppl get a gift for the non-bday sibling and the bday sibling gets offended about it!!! Or ppl get a gift that more age-appropriate for the non-bday kid and you have to decide whether to let it slide!

artnavy said...

u wont believe it!! every year she has got one or two Barbies and I very openly put it away saying it was given by mistake/ it is not nice

this time she asked me why it was not nice?

I told her it was a little gandaa for want of any better word. she did not argue

i am sure next yr is not going to be easy

Monika,Ansh said...

Aww...cute series of pictures.Glad she's got the patience to wait till the party is over before opening the presents.
Ansh still has to develop that!!

choxbox said...

@starry: you know it then!

@art: from my experience, it'll get easier actually :)

VJ said...

thats a nice tradition !!!

artnavy said...

monika/ chox/vj- :-)

Uma said...

I like the ummachi bit...the way they can simplify things...
what would you have said??

Uma said...

I like the ummachi bit...the way they can simplify things...
what would you have said??