July 02, 2009

A tale of two cities

" Amma, Look ! Hyderabad!"

Anush was pointing to a dome ( possibly of a mosque) in a Muslim college in Chennai.

How strong images and associations can be!!


Sri said...

Wow..seems like mosques at Hyderabad left a lasting impression on Anush's mind..

Did you'll stay at Hyderabad anytime??

I am a hardcore Hyderabad lover..thats y am asking!;)

Artnavy said...

in fact anush has never been to hyderabad!!

it is only in some book that there were illustrations/ pics and i had mentioned to her that it was hyderabad

but yes, teh rest of the family loves hyderabad

starry eyed said...


Have an award for you at my blog:)

shraddha said...


great blog!

Artnavy said...

thanks starry- flattered

shraddha- thanks

choxbox said...

me too - love hyd ;)