July 29, 2009


We attended a bday party of Anushka's friend last evening at the Velachery home. Anush was delighted " Amma, I am so happy to meet my friends. I have not seen for so loooooooong time..." she said. Also she was happy to stay on without me ( that is a first) till the party concluded later.

Saw the movie Hangover late last night once Anush was asleep- Rather funny in parts and absolutely juvenile and gross in most. The problem is that now I feel as though I am in a stupor- due to lack of sleep nothing else. Don't know if I will be able to plod along through this work day.

Here is a review of Singalong for those who want to know more. And a very interesting sounding book store as well.


starry eyed said...

Congrats on the graduation to being able to send her along alone to parties. I'm done with accompanying both, except where I'm also specifically invited:)

Good luck with your workday!

Krishnan said...

Yes Full Circle bookshop sounds quite interesting, got to check it out soon.

Monika,Ansh said...

It's heartwarming to see kiddos become more & more independent.

AMIT said...

Yeah enjoyed at party.

Lingerie news

Sri said...

I heard great reviews about Hangover, but only from guys :) How did Navy like it?

The movie I want to watch is "500 days of summer". The trailer looks uber cute!

Just Like That said...

Tagged you :-)

VJ said...

Hope all is well on your end

artnavy said...

jlt- good catching up with you . am doing the tag trow

vj- thanks- am fine- today's post is for u

sri- navy did not see it

monika/ starry- :-D

krishnan- did u go there yet?