July 27, 2009

The weekend that was

Artnavy unveiled- An unfamiliar face comes up to me at Shopper's stop and asks a little hesitantly " You are Art?" I knew that it had to be a blogger or a blog reader. She had recognised me because of Anush. She turned out to be a young lady from Pune who had moved to Chennai a year ago. So my not so little one is a celeb of sorts- this is a third time for me, that someone who reads the blog, but doe snot know me otherwise, has spotted and identified us!!
Sing Along- complete paisa vasool for any child between 2- 7 yrs. The ladies were energy personified. Navy felt I could easily have been a part of the troupe- with my singing- dancing ability and energy levels. I was really flattered by the compliment.

All the children/ and most parents had a ball. We are back with a cd that the group released and a new favourite song for Anush- Ring Ring by Abba. Her improvised lyrics include" Ring Ring why don't you give me a call? .. why don't you pick up the call?........... why did you not lift the phone?"!!

Haji Ali Juice Centre- visited it and I loved the fruit cream and the typical grill sandwich. However Navy did not relish anything at all. So this restaurant gets a mixed rating from artnavy. Also it is not on Greams Road proper, you need to take the left into the Dhaba express street as you enter from Mount Road.

We took a new found relative and now friend to Harry Potter- Half Blood Prince at Mayajaal. Despite being a Chennaite this was her first trip to Mayajaal! We enjoyed the movie and Anush found it excruciatingly lengthy. Her one very logical question was" Why are they not going to class if this is school amma?"

Anush revealed a child's innocence/ lack of diplomacy, when she asked this attractive single girl of 25, " You have a baby in your stomach? It looks like that!" Whatever she may have felt, the lady was very cheerful in brushing aside this comment.


Monika said...

wow sounds good i have been dying to watch HP... and it happened to metoo this weekend my brat has become a celebrity too YAY !!! must right abt it but somehow i found it scary too

Monika,Ansh said...

Amazing energy u all have. :)

Artnavy said...

monika- navy was mentioning the same about being incognito vs recognisable

for all the good wishes/ people that come our way there may be a few perverts out there as well

we just need to be careful i guess

monika.ansh- tnx!

choxbox said...

see i told you she'd like it!

Poppins said...

Bah. Go away you celebrity moms, Monika included. It has NEVER happened to me. Why I ask you? :)

Chox, when did this happen in Bangalore? I hereby appoint you to be my official advisor, pls to tell me when happening things take place here ok? :) please?

Art, I think Anush's last q is just a reflection of what she sees with you, somehow doubt if it is because the said lady of 25 had a paunch, atleast that's what I think..

choxbox said...

@poppy: your wish is my command ma'am.

artnavy said...

thanks! and i think their best show happens in chennai since they began and belong here

your comments number over 50 always on any post- that shld tell u who is the much visited celeb among us

sing along is into its 15th year and is also a fund-raiser for Reach Out, an NGO working for the cause of sexually abused children.

on the paunch/ pregnancy comment- pataa nahin- i tend to disagree becos she added " ....it looks like that" referring to the little "chella thoppai"...

starry eyed said...

Spotted! That's great:)

I was pounced upon once outside FoodWorld by a very happy woman who pumped my hand very enthusiastically up and down and gushed...while I stood there with my shopping bags feeling goofy! This was the day after we appeared in a TV interview!

I suppose Anush is getting curious about how many women have a baby in their tummies and how she could identify them:)

I like Anush's to the point q abt Harry Potter. smart that girl is:)))

choxbox said...

@starry: what interview? i am the only one here who doesn't know any of the interesting things happening around.

Lavs said...

all celebrities here in blogville:)

you have been tagged!!

Mama - Mia said...

oh all you famous people!! has neva eva happened to me!!

and second poppy chox! pls to keep us in the loop of happenings!!

and Anushisms are always a treat! :D

artnavy said...

starry- i once participated in this game show called jackpot and never realised it had SO MANY viewers- my relatives/ building mates/ random people etc etc all had seen me goof up on what is dry ice

lavs- done it

mama mia- u r one more of the poppy genre- so many readers and comments ....

AMIT said...

Yeah thanks for such a good post.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Art.. :) It was nice meeting you and Ashu.. and be sure I wasn't stalking you ;)
Yes, very true, all sorts of people are ther and one can not be too careful.

Has to be me said...

U were @ singalong? How did we miss each other?!