June 02, 2009

Old Four eyes

I went for my annual eye check up last night.
The doc there explained how I should be resting my chin etc and I grinned and said
" I have been doing this for 23 years now. I almost know the letters and numbers by heart."

Yes, I have been wearing specs/ lenses for 23 yrs now- since I was 10 yrs old. I have known
  • the pride of wearing glasses and looking an intellectual
  • the hurt of being told "your power is so high!" by some insensitive idiots
  • the feeling nerdy and self conscious and moving on to lenses in college
  • Being told I have eyes that pop out like a frog to those that say they are just like Banupriya/ Aishwarya's gone deep brown
  • the new found freedom and therefore investing in Ray Bans (Arista) post moving to lenses
  • occasionally losing my lens and wearing specs to work and colleagues finding it everything from dignified to funny

Recently read a beautiful story from DC books- Mango children's imprint on a short sighted eagle who is the target of ridicule and yet proves himself and becomes King. We loved it.

Such a lovely way to teach sensitivity to a youngster.


choxbox said...

sounds good art, will chk it out.

Artnavy said...

the elephant one and the turtle ones are also pretty good

choxbox said...


starry-eyed said...

I know the eye charts by heart too! And felt nerdy in college before my ma finally 'allowed' lenses (probably thought I'd elope once my 'beauty' was 'unspectacled', lol!)

Still, hoping Div won't inherit my glasses.

Tks for the tip abt the book! And tks for visiting my blog:)

Artnavy said...


i hope that anush has good vision too like her father