June 11, 2009


Blogeswari tagged me and here it is:

I am supposed to pick a blog that really impressed me, but it can't be someone I know. Not even virtually. It has to be a blog you stumbled upon or walked into through links. It can't be a blogger I have built an online relationship with.

Arth and Nitya's Megha Punater who is awesomely talented be it her art, craft or her photos. I love the way her home is done and especially am in love with her tea bag wrap art . She is so talented that Twinings has a link on their site to her work.

I tag Itchy, Poppins, Choxbox, Abha and anyone else who wishes take it up


Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely blog out there. I oculd go on reading it withour getting bored in the least bit. :)

How do we know said...

hey.. i would vote for delhidreams.blogspot.com anyday!!

megha punater said...

wow,thanks artnavy.i am humbled and very glad you enjoy our blog.
all the best :)

choxbox said...

i second your choice.

will take up the tag - will need some thinking!

choxbox said...

kar diya.