June 16, 2009

Anushisms again

Was in Bangalore this Monday and had a lot of work to catch up on on Tuesday. Hence the silence. Just in case....one or two of you wondered.....

On the baby's food habits:
Anush- "Amma what will the baby eat?"
Me- "Only Amma's Milk Anush at least to begin with"
Anush- "Why is that? Then you will have to mix milk again for yourself?"

On again visiting the mango farm:
Why we need to pluck green mangoes again? We can buy nice yellow mangoes in the shop from uncle na?

After the home pedicure she witnessed, she is always wanting me to do it or fetches the
Scholls foot scrub and finds imaginary dirt on my feet to scrub away!!

Anush is back at school and she is sad each day as she enters school - her explanation
"Amma I keep yawning in school. I want to stay home and take rest!!"

We saw Wall E (and the Incredibles the previous Sunday ) yet again at the Radio One Kids Film Festival at Satyam last Sunday. Anush kept asking questions as we munched away on the caramel popcorn. Luckily she was soft enough not to disturb others.....

We went to Spencers after a long time and Anush enjoyed the glass elevators there the most. She also loudly proclaimed on seeing a lady in a burka- the first one she has ever noticed" Amma, see her clothes!! Fully covered even the face. Dangerous na?" ( strange she thought instinctively that it was a woman and dangerous because we advice her not to cover her face with the bed sheet when she sleeps)

We visited Little Buddha as he turned one and his folks and Anush came back delighted with the little fellow and excited by the goodies showered. Also found out that Lav's dad was my client's colleague!! Small world.

Most exciting update on the food scene:
Street food fest at GRT
Kailash Parbath The chat place from Colaba, Mumbai opens in Chennai!!


VJ said...

sounds like another action packed weekend !!

choxbox said...

i did wonder :)

and LOLing at anushisms as usual! her rope ladder awaits her.

Monika,Ansh said...

Lovely update :)..........lol on the milk thing!

Mama - Mia said...

if there are Anushisms, smiles are guaranteed! :D

and kailash parbat in chennai?? bwwaaahhh! why no in bangalore? why?!

Artnavy said...

VJ/ chox/ monika- :D

mama mia- because u guys are already spoilt when it comes to eateries- hey u still write for mm??- i stopped a while back

Just Like That said...

LOL@ the milk question. :-D
Am loving these posts (Ro's baby taking a walk to her knees split me up!) on the siblings' questions on the babies...
Keep posting. :-D