May 06, 2009

April's Fool in May

I think blogger thought is was April Fools Day in May.

Yesterday I tried very hard to log in, at various points in time, from various computers, to find myself booted out of blogger on this blog!!

So i even set up this new blog home and intimated a few dear ones in the blog world.

All is well today and I am back here.
But the next time you find me missing, you will know where to look for me right?


Monika,Ansh said...

How we get so addicted to our blog world, isn't it?
Mine was somehow working perfectly fine yesterday

Krishnan said...

oh, that would have been a mild shocker ! Was blogspot offline for some time ?

Krishnan said...

Belated Birthday wishes.

Saya said...

Wow.. you quickly put up all the paraphenelia on teh other blog..

Anonymous said...

Belated budday wishes. I like this clean look. The previous background had too much happening.

Hip Grandma said...

new or old we'll catch up with you.

'a happy b'day to you. This time belated. anush looks so cute and confident!!

Artnavy said...

monika.ansh/saya/ krish- YUP:-))

hhgmom- i got ur wishes on mail just on time

thanks poorni

Pesto Sauce said...

Happenned with me too