April 24, 2009

Cousin time

Since I have not yet taken snaps, here is an old one with the same set of cousins

Anush has a Tee that proclaims "My mom is the greatest in the world!"
Would you believe me if I said she chose the Tee herself :-))
Her cousin was reading it aloud
Anush fiercely told her cousin " NO!!! MY mom is greatest!!"

She forever is dancing with her cousins and having a ball. They indulge her a lot.
But sometimes it gets difficult for her to accept sharing her more precious toys- her Lego, her Dora paint set and so on. But after some reassurance, they collaborate and come up with great stuff together. She is generous with food though.

Sometimes Anush tells them what to do or not to do- one is 12, the other is 7!!
When I tell her that she cannot instruct others, she says " Oh I should not be a teacher?"


Monika,Ansh said...

Aww...so cute :)

DC said...

haha.. these Anushisms are so cute! I totally love it!

Shobana said...

Smart come back!

choxbox said...

lovely pic!