March 26, 2009

Lessons in parenting

When Anush's building friends come over home to play, I am usually just about back from work.
It is exhausting to keep them entertained/ engaged. The noise levels are also difficult to bear after a work day. And Anush wants me around. But all this is still manageable.

But one of the mothers had made a habit of dumping her kid on me at my place and never informed me her whereabouts, making it difficult to drop back the kid. I began to RESENT this as it has happened too often and usually when I was most tired.

I did not wish to single out that particular kid since it is not his fault and also wanted to spare myself unpleasantness/ embarrassment. So I requested Anush to refrain from bringing her friends over on weekdays saying I was tired after work and told her that she could go down and play with her friends instead.

Last night, another kid wanted to come home and Ansuh promptly told his mom" Amma told me not to bring anyone home Aunty!!"

So much for trying to save myself from embarrassment.

But luckily that mom is a friend and told me what Anush had said- I explained it and we had a good laugh. But I was appalled to find out that kid with the thoughtless mom is often found loitering around alone in the car park even till 9 at night.

Anyway I learnt my lesson and I amended my request to Anush" You can bring your friends over even on weekdays if their mothers accompany them or will pick them up after an hour."

Hope this one does not land me in trouble!!


Monika,Ansh said...

Oh......that's terrible of the mother. So very irresponsible.
Lol on Anush's comment though. I am sure the ammendment will help :)

choxbox said...


Shobana said...


DC said...

haha.. had a good laugh to start (what I fear will be) a tiring day!

Artnavy said...

so all u ladies are laughing at my expense

past mistakes come to haunt you

as a kid I believe I told my mom's friend - " My amma said I should not eat at your house!!"

How do we know said...

where does the mother go? I m kind of concerned about that kid..

Artnavy said...

howdoweknow- am not sure
but my friend tried telling her and so did a few others

but they were told that it is alright and she knows best!!

no idea where she is- she keeps gossiping here and there

i feel bad for the boy - he has wheezing and is also a rather agressive kid- often angry .. .

Subhashree said...

Lol! Kids do land us in trouble sometimes by being their frank selves. Well, they don't know tact at this age :) Glad you learnt your lesson the hard way. *sheepishly* like me :)

Mama - Mia said...

oh well! i think you found just the right solution!



Swati said...

good one !

Ramya said...

That mom seems to be one of a growing breed. Ananya has a friend just like that, whose doc mom is away most of the day and the kid is wandering around or foisted on other moms without a thought to their schedules! Most of us feel bad for the kid and hence take her in!

subha said...

my amma said I should not eat at your house takes the cake art.Anush is a paavam.LOL