March 17, 2009

Chotee see kahani

Long ago there lived a little girl in Vijayawada who wanted looooooong hair.
She struggled with the unpleasant oiling ritual and the daily plaits to school
There came a time when she had to actually fold up her chotee- with ribbons and all
She gave up and chopped off her hair. End of story.
History repeats!! At least the first stage is in progress with the little girl's little girl now.

BTW if I have missed mentioning it - I reccomend this for kids and adults The busiest pop up book ever by Richard Scarry. Forget the inane story line of a Gorilla Banan thief, the pop ups are awesome and it is truly a busy book. Anush loves it and so does Navy!


choxbox said...

may the chhoti choti grow long!

check out the pop-up books by robert sabuda - here's a link to one of the two books of his that we have -

choxbox said...

today's post has been inspired by you ma'am, do check it out!

IBH said...

I am having double mind in chopping Kaju's hair as well! her's is growing thick and long...(ok! not that long yet!)

How do we know said...

wow!! This is nice! so, when the little girl's little girl has her hair long enough, she will also chop them off, or maybe not?

Swati said...

Aww..reminds me of my hair when I was young ...exact story then

Ramya said...

The chopped hair definitely looked cool way back then too! Is it still the same?

Artnavy said...

chox- anush will be pleased to hear that and will look out for the books. ..

swati- :-))

IBH- keep it long if it is thick na? anush's is rather scant and extremely curly

howdoweknow- i think anush is very much into girly looks as of now- so no cutting

ramya- tnx- well after lot of attempts to grow it, it is back to the chop shop always- i never get thru the horny(!!) stage

Mama - Mia said...


thats so cute! i neva wanted long hair or amybe my mom made sure i didnt care much eitherways! hehe!


subha said...

Oh I just cut my long hair and went in for layers...Does Anush like the plaits style?