February 24, 2009

Mixed Reviews

Saw Dilli 6. Loved it.

I adore Abhishek, Waheeda and Sonam. Their presence itself made it easy to like the movie. The ensemble cast was also delivered.

While I do not have much of an impression about Delhi except as a tourist, this was an interesting look at Old Delhi. The story is simple, the songs fantastic - ARR does it again. I love the Eric Clapton style " Probably me" song by Rahman himself and of course Masakkali for the way it is picturised. Best of all is the classical number by Shreya.

Sonam deserves special mention- she is elegant, charming, sexy in her own way. Not like the cloned dolls with little- no clothes, usually wearing undergarments as outer wear.

Maybe Abhishek coming alive was not realistic, in a film otherwise so. But my heart would have been heavy otherwise

Am happy Slumdog Millionaire won so many awards( oscars included) for the team. Whether all were deserving enough is another story.

Am so glad Sean Penn got an award for Milk.

Anush's school review happened- "very helpful and observant, obedient ...... and anxious!"
I knew the last one was coming - she has been reluctant to go to school since the Christmas vacation. .. hope it is just a phase. But I spoke at length to her class teacher and feel slightly better about the whole thing


How do we know said...

this is a brilliant post!! i like the way you put points together!

Monika said...

oh i loved delhi 6 too...

u know i thought the same abt the climax may he wanted him to die but then learning from the feedback he got from RDB he made him alive and hence it didnt gel very well

congrats for the review apart from anxious which i am sure she will settle down slowly its very good :)

and SM made us proud specially Rahman and Gulzar

subha said...

I havent watched Delhi 6 yet. goin by the mixed reviews, am not sure if I wud. Talking abt Sean Penn, have u watched his move "I AM SAM". i have cried for a week seeing that movie.I am more than happy he got an Oscar for milk.

VJ said...

I am sure you are proud of the first 3 on the school review.

Artnavy said...

how do we - thanks- u flatter me

monika- anush was never this anxious- hence worrisome

subha- yes i was movd by I am Sam too- but there had been one with mel gibson long ago on similar lines it i recollect

VJ- expected those as well but was still proud

2 B's mommy said...

For the school review - Keep it up Anush !

Anxious - I think thats just a phase and she will be over it in no time.

Delhi -6: after your review, have to watch it !

Mama - Mia said...

me loved delhi 6 too! still dunno why people are panning it so!!

and am sure anush will get over anxious thing soon enough! she is such a cool kid!



WhatsInAName said...

hmmm dont know whether to see Delhi6. You confused me!
Good to know Anushka is picking up :) Dont you worry, she wll be a winner all the way