January 05, 2009

Zoom in on the Vandalur Zoo

Anush had a great time at the Vandalur zoo and this time we went to the Lion safari as well

Anush, terrified initially, began enjoying "Simba" and " Madagascar" Lion and does her version of how Lions do pyaar/ konji- A mock growl and nuzzling of the necks. . .

She was very animated and discussed the animals and seemed to have a never ending flow of energy at the zoo.
A new question in her mind nowadays- is it a good animal or a bad animal? While I try to explain as best as i can, I think possibly it is the influence of Panchatantra and the like.


Monika said...

I wish that Calcutta zoo was a little better. Vandalur zoo looks great :)

Artnavy said...

vandalur is good( animals look healthy) but really huge

so walking becomes a chore after a while

if they had more trams and safari vans it would be better given teh crowds