January 16, 2009


Anush , like most kids, adapts well to this gypsy like existence of ours. There are times when she insists we stay at one of the two homes or that she would like to take the toy/game from one to the other with her but mostly she goes with the flow. She knows both homes have some thing to look forward to. She also has a couple of friends in each apartment now- that helps as well.

She enjoys her cycle and the terrace in home 1
She loves the slides, swings and park in home 2

Some Anushisms:

While playing teacher- student with her father-
I want to do bionomial cube/ tower
Now what is that- we had to google it to find out

Amma you got me 3 new dresses? I wore one new dress now- so there are two more na?
When did she learn to subtract

I am a doctor- Open your mouth - show me your ears- it won't hurt you, don't worry. I am being very gentle.

Whenever she does not want to run an errand
I am small na? How can I do it myself?

Anush keep the house tidy, we are having guests- I told you!
If someone is coming, we must keep the house clean.
If someone is not coming, we must not keep the house clean!

When any of us argue
Please be quiet. So I have to close my ears!

Is this a long journey , a medium journey or short journey?
What will you do if it is a long journey
i will wait for us to reach amma
And if it is short?
I dont know. . .

Can I watch this? This is not crap na?


Choxbox said...

LOLing at the Anushisms!

Btw there is trinomial cube too. Just so you know.

Artnavy said...

thanks gyaneswari-chox
i will look up google

Mama - Mia said...

well since you had googled, why didnt you tell us what it is!

amn, that girl is a genius! :)



Monika said...

Loved this " If someone is coming, we must keep the house clean.
If someone is not coming, we must not keep the house clean"


and once scolded me, my friend and her daughter were traveling together in a car and we both have small loudpseakers in our throats specially when excited and thak after some time she says

"mama, speak slowly i will get a headache"

these children ;-)

Artnavy said...

abha- linked up now

monika- LOL!!

Monika said...

Wow.....cheers to having 2 houses. How do u maintain? It's too much to just keep one nice & clean & tidy.

Lol on Ansh speak......loved the "crap" comment.
She is a cutie in the picture above.

Just Like That said...

LOL at the not cleaning up the house bit. and the crap! :-D
Look forward to more Anushisms.

The Montessori method is awesome,isn't it? Makes me regret more than ever that I moved Sonny boy out of a school following it:-(
He was damn smart then, even if we parents were made to feel like dumbos occasionally.

Artnavy said...

monika.ansh- my mom and granny live in the older home closer to anush's school ( till recently my dad too)and we live in the other new home - all fine technically

but we shuttle and if anush is vacationing it gets even more erratic

justlikethat- i do love what the school does for anush but i just dont find them cheerful enough- like excited cheerful and yes i often feel like a dumbo

How do we know said...

Anush is a very intelligent kid. Congratulations!

dipali said...

Such a smart little girl! Impressed and amused:)

Artnavy said...

LOL- one of my next posts will dilute my/ your regard for her intelligence!! :-))

Anonymous said...

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