January 06, 2009


Pic Courtesy google

She saw an Amul ad and said" This is like Gajini- bad man or good man amma?"
Kudos to Amul and to Anushka!!
BTW I saw the movie and found Aamir great, Murgadoss excellent, AR Rahman bang on, Asin pretty and Jiah khan- bad.


How many of you (above 30 yrs) recall the National pledge?
I got stuck at rich and varied Heritage....
Anushka was to repeat after me and the moment I said Heritage she said ". . . like C**** Heritage??" ( as in our apartment name)


Monika said...

ditto views abt Ghajini

the mad momma said...

i remember the pledge!

Lavs said...

I do not remember the pledge(sigh) and i am not even 30!!

The Seeker said...

I remember Just the two lines, anyways now took a pledge to remember this..

Choxbox said...

i was going to blog abt this ad too!

and btw i do remember the pledge. next time just gimme a buzz!

Artnavy said...

oh -so i am alone in this except lavs

lavs- thanks for the company!!